May 17, 2005
Another Dedication

Lately I've been stuck by myself. I'm excluded from my friends and now even my family. I don't wanna deal with everything this week. My cousin, Brian killed himself this past weekend. We both have issues with depression and almost vent it the same way. It makes me wonder if I would ever try to kill myself. Me and Brian had a system that worked pretty good. We were supposed to call each other when we were feeling bad and were thinking about suicide. He didn't call this time. I feel like I could have stopped it. I feel almost responsible for everything.

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May 11, 2005

I thought I knew everything about my mom. Then I realized that no one really knows anyone else. And just when you think you know someone they change. My mom actually went to college. She had a degree in culinary arts. That's why she was able to be a cook for a lot of restaurants in town. I like finding out new things. On a more personal level, my prom is this Saturday and I'm really happy.

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Mar 12, 2004

this sight is dedicated to you... It has almost been two years since you left this world, and I think this sight should be a memorial to you. You are now my angel. Watch over me and protect me. I miss you mom but I know you're still here, watching over us...

Posted at 08:50 am by sumwutpsycho
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